How to 'cosy up' your decor with Jackson Home

Well hello and welcome to Jackson Home's Autumn Collection.

We are so excited to show you our latest pieces carefully selected to enhance your living space. From warm and cosy throws to luxury scented candles we have everything to style your home for the season.

Start your scheme by thinking of a richer, warmer colour palette to compliment the seasonal shift into fall. Adding cushions and throws to accent your existing furniture is a simple but effective way to mark the change. 

Think also of soft and luxurious fabrics such as faux fur, wool and velvet for textural highlights.

Adding some gold or silver into your decorative pieces will also add a hint of upscaling luxury as well as adding to your dining table as a centrepiece our gold banana candle stick holders make a really fun statement.

We have a great range of faux florals that are updated for every season, use our pale rose hip spray combined with the faux plum branch in a corner of your room to mark the new season.

Finally consider your lighting and how to create a soft inviting glow by using candles or twinkling seed lights.